BETTERLIFE aftercare at your Soberliving -  

Aftercare program

4 Steps and Hypnosis™ Outpatient/Aftercare Program

4-6-week outpatient + 6 months customized support

One-to-one sessions only.

NEW! SOBERLIVING stay: 4 weeks - IOP - 12 month aftercare

The purpose of 4 Steps and Hypnosis™ is to optimize your present state – mentally, physically and emotionally for you to stay clean and sober.

Our outpatient/aftercare program allows you to stay in your own environment, so you can take care of your family, job and other responsibilities. Our program is also perfect for residents at sober living houses/transitional living.

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PPO plans eligible for coverage


We offer complete privacy and the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Learn how to: Sleep Well, Eat Well and Feel Good

Have you been to rehab for drug or alcohol addiction

but still find yourself struggling with your sleep,

weight management, fears, motivation, depression,

inner turmoil etc.?

Are you serious about creating a change and are you

ready to take responsibility for you own sobriety and

recovery? We will teach you how!

In our program we focus on "the side effects" of

addiction! We guide, instruct and teach you how to

manage problems, life challenges and issues – how

to regain a positive mental attitude, self-control and

to enhance personal skills and assets. We show you

how to promote wellness in your life – and most

importantly – how to eternalize your positive

changes to make sure you stay clean and sober.

All sessions are with Susanne Bech Simonsen.

Susanne Bech Simonsen

MS Health Psychology,   

NGH ABL NLP Clinical Certified Hypnotist,    

Family & Addiction Counselor,

CEO and Founder of Clinic Betterlife, Academy Betterlife & Business Betterlife.

Susanne Bech Simonsen was the first person to introduce NA (Narcotics Anonymous) to Denmark. The very first NA meeting took place in her apartment in the late 80's.


She was the CEO and Founder of “Egeborg” treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction with capacity of 300 inpatients. The facility included family treatment centers and halfway houses. 


She has a proven record of success in the field of addiction. She uses hypnotherapy combined with counseling – her own unique technique developed over 35 years of therapeutic experience. 

You get:​
Learn how to:​

4SAH™ Program

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PPO plans eligible

for coverage.

  • 4-6 weeks of intensive sessions

  • One-to-one sessions

  • Counseling

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Written assignments

  • 6 months of customized support (can be done long distance over Skype if needed)

  • Access to for 6 months (Hypnosis MP3s)

  • Start your day feeling calm and mindful.

  • Handle new situations or strong emotions without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Let go of anxiety,

  • Overcome negative feelings such as anger and resentment and get in touch with positive feelings such as gratitude.

  • Manage urges and cravings

  • Live life on life’s terms

  • Love?

  • Communicate with your partner or family without becoming caught up in negative emotions and judgment.

  • Use self-hypnosis to prevent relapse.


First consultation – start up

  • Client intake

  • We gather baseline data

  • General assessment


Duration: 1-4 sessions

Description of your issue/problem

  1. Personalized plan for your goals and wishes.

  2. One-to-one sessions with counseling and hypnotherapy.

  3. Written assignments uncover your issues and behavioral patterns.

  4. Reframing of the cause of your issue.


Letting go of anxiety

Healthy sleep pattern

Healthy eating habits

Letting go of worries about the future


Self-awareness: Getting a clear picture of your issue

Feeling calm and serene

Creating the basic foundation for long-term sobriety


Duration: 1-4 sessions

Personality, character, emotions and family matters

  1. Written assignments describing your personality and emotions.

  2. One-to-one sessions with counseling and hypnotherapy.

  3. Reframe to appropriate solutions/reactions.


Letting go of the past

Letting go of anger, resentment, helplessness, grief, fear, guilt, shame etc.

Forgiveness & gratitude

Rebuild family relations

Rebuild relations with partner, friends, coworkers etc.



To live harmoniously with the world

Letting go of urges


Duration: 1-4 sessions

Change to a pattern that works for you – emotionally, behaviorally and physically/practically

  1. Written assignments describing how you wish to feel and act.

  2. One-to-one sessions with counseling and hypnotherapy embedding your new reality/truth into your subconscious mind.


Creating the mental state you want


Healthy emotional reactions

To live life on life’s terms.


Duration: 1-3 sessions

Plan for the future – a healthy lifestyle


  1. Written assignments map out future goal and wishes.

  2. One-to-one session embedding your goals into your subconscious mind

  3. Customized plan for the next 6 months. 


Goal setting


Motivation and drive

6 months customized support

After the 4-6-week program you have gained emotional balance, new habits, life skills, stronger family relations and new goals.

It is time to practice the new mental program in real life with your counselor as your “life line”.

One-to-one sessions and written assignments in the 6-month period are individually customized according to your needs.


If you need additional support or guidance during this process your counselor is available to you via e-mail or via Skype or FaceTime by appointment.