Quit Smoking is easy with hypnosis


We offer several options:

1) Personal session in our clinic.

2) Online session. 

3) Group session - maybe at your workspace, dancestudie, fitnesscenter, school etc. 

see prices at bottom of the page.

No urge - No weight gain - No "anger" - NO MORE ADDICTION


Will I be out of control?


NO. You will be totally awake and aware, feeling relaxed, refreshed and finally IN CONTROL.


What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is physical relaxation coupled with mental relaxation and suggestion. When these happen together, hypnosis happens automatically.


Can everyone be hypnotized?


Yes, everyone is hypnotizable.


How does hypnosis work?


For behavior modification, hypnosis simply allows the conscious mind and unconscious mind to AGREE.


How long does hypnosis last?


The effects of hypnosis have been known to last a lifetime.


What is your guarantee?


I’m so certain of your success that I personally guarantee that you will leave the session a NON-SMOKER, feeling refreshed, relaxed and confident If YOU really want to quit.

REMEMBER: Hypnosis is 100% natural. No artificial ingredients! Thousands have been successful and you will too. IT CAN AND WILL WORK FOR YOU. No withdrawals and no willpower required.

Call or text - 323 318 4755 and make an appointment any day available.

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Your Hypnotist:

Susanne Bech Simonsen,  M.S Health Psychology, Addiction and Family Counselor and NGH ABL NLP Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with over thirty years of experience in helping people to achieve their wildest dreams. She is from Denmark and she is quiet famous in the field of addiction, rehabs and hypnosis.

Susanne is the CEO and founder of www.clinicbetterlife.com, www.academybetterlife.com, www.clinicbetterlife.dk

She is approved by Danish insurance companies as a Hypnotherapist and Addiction, Depression, Stress, Pain Counselor and coach.


We offer several options:

1) Personal session in our clinic. $150,-

2) Online session: $100,-

3) Group session:$49,-

 maybe at your workspace, dancestudie, fitnesscenter, school etc. 


​​+1 323-318-4755

5752 1/2 10th Ave , Los Angeles, CA 900043 
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