Practicing as Addiction Counselor, Family Counselor
Practicing as Clinical certified Hypnotherapist in Denmark and USA
Pain, Stress, anxiety, ADHD and depression Counselor
Online therapy
Teacher and mentor at Academy Betterlife
NLP Clinical certified Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist at Clinic Betterlife in Beverly Hills


MS Health Psychology from The Open University


2010 –2015

Author of 2 eBooks 

CEO and Founder of - an online health care platform for companies/HR

Founder and CEO of Academy Betterlife - school and E-learning program to become an NGH certified hypnotist.
Developed 4 Steps and Hypnosis™ treatment program for: Stress management, addiction, pain management etc.
Developed App with hypnosis
Approved by a health insurance company as a provider
Outpatient treatment for addicts: 4 Steps and Hypnosis



Certified Hypnobirth Practicioner

2004 – 2010

Approved by the Danish Government – RAB Certified

Family Counselor, Coach, NGH Certified Hypnotist and hypnotherapist at private practice "Health Attraction" - dealing with anxiety, stress, phobias & fears, motivation, smoking cessation, weight management etc.



NGH certified consulting hypnotist



CEO and Founder of Online Treatment for alcoholism, smoking, obesity and stress. HR for companies that want employees to be able to receive treatment anonymously online with 12 steps program/principles.


Foster care for young teenage mothers and their babies. Mentor for young people with a diagnosis of ADHD
Teacher at schools – addiction and healthy lifestyle.


Developed a herbal detox supplement.

Developed detox system for drug addicts, to be used under anesthesia.
CEO and Founder of two treatment centers and a family center.



CEO and Founder of Halfway House.

Developed a special treatment program for young addicts.
Developed a special treatment program for children of alcoholics.
Developed AMF program - education for addiction and family counselors.



Introduced the 12 Step Program for drug treatment and started NA (Narcotics Anonymous/self help groups) in Denmark.
CEO and Founder of a treatment center with capacity of 300 inpatients - for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Family Treatment Centers and halfway houses.

CEO and Founder of a Café/music restaurant.

Arranged charity concert – raising money to help the homeless.
CEO and Founder of education and training center in California. Developed special course for Addiction counselors.



Board member at Von Veritas (Denmark's first 12 step treatment center) Manager of The Family Program.
Certified Addiction Counsellor – 12 steps program.

Private training as a psychotherapist.