Susanne bech Simonsen

MS Health Psychology,

CEO and Founder of Clinic Betterlife, Academy Betterlife & Business Betterlife,

NGH ABL NLP Clinical Certified Hypnotist,

Family & Addiction Counselor

"I believe that if you change your thoughts, you can change anything in your life!

Learn how to take your health, wealth, relationships and happiness to a new level"

Susanne Bech Simonsen is a pioner in the field of addiction treatment


Susanne Bech Simonsen was the first person to introduce NA (Narcotics Anonymous) in Denmark. The very first NA meeting took place in her apartment in the late 80's.

She was the CEO and Founder of “Egeborg” treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction with capacity of 300 inpatients. The facility included family treatment centers and halfway houses. 

She has a proven record of success in the field of addiction counseling, lifestyle changes, weight loss, bad habits, sadness, fears, motivation etc. 


She has been leading her private practice Clinic Betterlife, her school Academy Betterlife and online platform Business Betterlife in Denmark since 2004 and been providing hypnosis therapies combined with unique techniques developed over 35 years of therapeutic experience. In addition, she is the only consulting hypnotist/hypnotherapist in Denmark approved by insurance companies.

In her current position as a mental health therapist/hypnotherapist with Clinic Betterlife in Los Angeles, she provides individual, group, family and couples counseling.


Through her many years of experience she has had clients from all walks of life - from the homeless in Skid Row to members of the Nordic Royal Family.

After having more than 10 foster kids she has great experience working with children and adolescents and in her therapeutic work with them, she always involves the parents if possible.

Susanne Bech Simonsen believes in serious clinical hypnotherapy.